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About Mesh Case Funding

The staff at Fair Rate Funding has decades of experience in lawsuit case funding. We strive to accommodate the client in every possible respect because we know you are cashing in on your pending transvaginal mesh case because you need to. We often hear of client about to lose their house, car or other financial hardship. We are here to help.

Our sales team is the most professional in the business. We understand your situation and endeavor to help. Special requests are always considered on a case by case basis because we have the experience and expertise to understand the unique issues facing women injured from transvaginal mesh or slings. Fast and thorough service is our highest priority.

Our underwriters consist of legal professionals who have been practicing law in various capacities for many years. Each case is assigned to a personal case funding underwriter. As soon as the required information is received, the matter is sent to the underwriting committee for a final determination. Because of this approach, we usually offer a prompt decision, often within 24 hours of the application.

We strive to approve the client as soon as possible for two reasons. First, you have waited long enough for your money. Second, if for some reason we cannot help, you will have enough time to search around for another company who can. Helping you obtain cash for your case is our goal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ page or drop us an email at info@localhost.

Or you can contact us now at 888-964-2224.