Recently, the driver of a pickup truck died as his truck rolled over after careering off a railing on the side of I-10 near Baton Rouge. The other occupants of the vehicle – a woman and a young child – were taken to hospital with serious injuries. The truck had already swiped the sides of several vehicles on the highway before crashing over the railing onto a car park.

According to a café owner who operates a café adjacent to the car park, the only reason why no one else was injured was because so many people had been attracted to the firework display on the Baton Rouge waterfront. He said it was normally a busy car park and thought that the truck could have landed on at least one vehicle if it had been a typical Friday evening.

Witnesses said the truck was being driven erratically before the accident happened. It appeared the driver was trying to pass several vehicles one after the other using the shoulder.

The vehicle was badly damaged as a result of the fall onto the car park. The driver was found partly outside of the truck, pinned by its weight. The two other occupants had to be removed using the “jaws of life” according to a spokesman from the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Anyone who might have been in the way of the truck could have been as seriously injured as the two passengers themselves. Nobody could blame the users of the car park for this sort of accident and if anyone had been injured they would soon be asking questions about why they had to suffer.

Injuries from any sort of vehicle accident are likely to be costly for the victims. The psychological trauma involved together with the unexpected medical bills and possible lost income all mount up. There is no reason why any injured victim should have to shoulder the cost of injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

Accident victims often have to wait for many months, or even years, for personal injury lawsuits to work their way through the system. Settlements are sometimes reached years after the accident.

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