Lawsuit Funding from Fair Rate Funding is the Solution

Collecting on your personal injury lawsuit can take years. And if the injury you from working, the result is financial strain. No doubt, you will ultimately recover damages from your case.  But until that time, bills keep piling up.

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding (also known as settlement funding) are contracts between a plaintiff in a lawsuit and a funding company to provide immediate cash to the client in exchange for a portion of the future settlement.  Applications for lawsuit funding are processed often within 24 hours.  In other words, with lawsuit funding we loan you money now and when you settle the case, you pay us back.  It’s essentially an advance on your case!

Lawsuit funding is routinely given for personal injury cases such as auto accidents and slip and fall actions. To obtain funding, three requirements must be met:

    1. You must have a pending claim against a defendant.
    2. You must have an attorney.
    3. Your attorney must be representing you on a contingency basis meaning that the attorney only gets paid if the lawsuit is successful.*

We offer:

  • Immediate funds for you to use as you wish.
  • A Zero Risk Proposition.  The funds are paid back ONLY IF you win your case.
  • Absolutely the best terms available.
  • Quick and attentive explanation on how the program works.
  • 24 to 48 hour approval process.

Getting Started with Lawsuit Funding

The process of obtaining a pre-settlement funding through Fair Rate Funding is very simple.

  1. Fill out the Quick Application on this web page.
  2. We will contact you the same day to discuss your case – please provide accurate information.
  3. With your approval, we will discuss your case with your attorney.
  4. If your case is approved for cash advance, we will immediately prepare a document for your signature.

Fair Rate Funding is not just a lawsuit funding company. We directly advance funds to our clients.  Our terms for lawsuit cash advances are among the lowest in the business.

We understand that each case is fact specific and that no two lawsuits are exactly alike. We assess the likelihood your case will prevail and will offer you a cash advance against the future proceeds of your lawsuit with terms that are fair and reasonable.

 Lawsuit Funding Provides:

  • Quick and easy settlement funding services
    • Fill out the online application or call today.
    • A representative will contact you within minutes of your application.
    • We will contact your attorney and collect the necessary paperwork.
  • Rapid Funding through Wire transfer or FedEx™ Overnight delivery.
  • The BEST terms for preferred cases.
  • Straight forward contractual language with an easy to understand payback schedule.
  • Cooperative attention to your needs and respect for your attorney’s busy schedule.
  • Lawsuit funding specialists prepared to handle your case promptly and efficiently.

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