As well as the death of a 5 year old, three adults were injured in an accident involving one vehicle in Watertown, New York, last month. The driver allegedly fell asleep while driving a Chevrolet Trailblazer.

The SUV ran off-road and into the median where it was flung into the air and rolled over a number of times.

The driver and two of his adult passengers sustained serious injuries and were transported to the Samaritan Medical Center, while the 5-month old was announced dead.

There is no indication as to the relationship of the passengers to the driver but when they recover they are entitled to file a lawsuit against him as the evidence for the cause of the accident appears to be that the he fell asleep behind the wheel.

An accident which involves serious injury is life changing for the victims. Serious injuries could mean spinal cord and brain injuries as well as fractures and lacerations.

A good personal injury lawyer will wait and see what the prognosis is for the two injured passengers so that when a settlement is negotiated, more than just immediate medical costs are considered.

Long term medical care is vital which may mean attending physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions.

Loss of income may be substantial and thus placing a significant burden on the victim’s family. He or she may have been an important breadwinner who paid the mortgage, rent, and other monthly expenses.

It will need an astute personal injury attorney to negotiate the full value of a claim when someone has been seriously injured.  But this process takes time, often increasing the family’s financial strain.

This is when lawsuit funding can be a source of great help to the victim. 

Anyone with a pending lawsuit is eligible to apply to for pre-settlement funding.  The applicant must have an attorney representing him/her in the case.  In most instances, such as with personal injury lawsuits, the attorney needs to be retained on a contingency fee basis. This means no up-front fees are required and the attorney is only paid if the case is successfully resolved.

Once pre settlement funding is arranged, the money can be utilized at the client’s discretion.  There are absolutely no restrictions on its use.

Also, the settlement funding transaction is non-recourse funding.  That means if the case is unsuccessful, for whatever reason, the lawsuit cash advance is not repaid.