Lawsuit Loans for Roundup Cases

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Fair Rate Funding is a lawsuit financing company that provides lawsuit loans for Roundup victims.  Lawsuit loans are financial transactions in which a lawsuit “lender” advances money to litigants in exchange for a portion of the future proceeds in a lawsuit.

Roundup is a widely used weed/grass killer manufactured by Monsanto.  The product is used by gardeners, home owners, farmers and landscapers since the mid 1970’s.  Recently, several thousand Roundup users filed claims against Monsanto for withholding important information linking the use of Roundup to lymphoma and other types of cancer.  Plaintiffs which have been diagnosed with cancer after regular and consistent exposure to Roundup are currently pursuing justice in a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Lawsuit Funding Now Available for Roundup Class Action Plaintiffs

Roundup lawsuit loans are available to plaintiffs who need immediate cash now, prior to settlement.  Because Roundup lawsuits could take months or years before reaching resolution, plaintiffs may find themselves in financial difficulty due to their condition.  Adding to the delay is more and more plaintiffs being added as the dangers of Roundup become more widely known.

Lawsuit funding, also known as legal funding, settlement loans or pre settlement funding, exists to allow plaintiffs the financial strength to endure a long, drawn out litigation process.  Fighting against financially strong companies such as Monsanto and their team of defense lawyers is difficult.  Roundup victims face even more pressure as their injuries often prevent them from working.  Cases can drag on for years.  And because plaintiffs are not earning what they were prior to the accident, many accept “low-ball” settlement offers simply because they cannot hold on financially.  Roundup lawsuit loans solve this dilemma.  Roundup lawsuit settlement loans provide the same benefit.

With lawsuit loans for Roundup cases, plaintiffs get an influx of cash, exactly when they need it.  Even more important is that there is absolutely no restriction on the use of the funds.

More About the Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Funding

In June of 2017, several plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup.  Plaintiff experts believe exposure to glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, is causally linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), a group of blood cancers including all types of lymphoma.  Lymphomas are types of cancers that develop from lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.

Other research bodies are also recognizing the link between NHL and glyphosate.  For example, The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has called glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen”.   University of Washington scientists published a review that found agricultural workers who used glyphosate had 41% higher risk of contracting NHL than people who do not use it or use it sparingly.  In 2017, the state of California added it to its list of cancer-causing chemicals.

However, the Environmental Protection Agency decided in 2017 that glyphosate was not likely to cause cancer in humans.  Monsanto, Roundup’s manufacturer submitted over 800 studies to the EPA and European agencies submitting that glyphosate is safe for use.

Juries sometimes disagree.  A recent verdict awarded a man $80,000,000 in damages finding that the California man’s cancer was at least partially caused by his exposure to the chemical.

Roundup Settlement Loan Alternatives

Victims of negligence suffer not only physical ailments.  Their impairment often leads to a loss of earning power since they must spend time tending to their physical condition(s).  Plaintiffs normally turn to traditional sources of raising money such as cashing out of retirement (IRA’s or 401K’s) or pensions, borrowing from friends or family, refinancing their home, selling of unneeded/unwanted assets or possessions or other creative means of raising cash in a hurry.

Plaintiffs normally pursue lawsuit loans they have exhausted all other alternatives.  Roundup lawsuit funding is available to plaintiffs who need immediate cash now and have no other means of raising capital.

Roundup Lawsuit Funding Uses

There are absolutely no restrictions on the use of Roundup lawsuit loan proceeds.  Although many litigants use the funds to pay for living expenses, others sometimes use lawsuit loans to help fund their case.

For example, a common use for lawsuit loans is surgical lawsuit funding.  This is the way it works:

A client is injured through no fault of their own.  Medical experts recommend surgery to cure the damage.  Because the client has no insurance to cover the procedure, he can contact a settlement funding company to pay the surgeon and other medical professionals directly.  On the day of the procedure, the lawsuit loan company pays the medical providers.  The client gets the treatment, the providers get paid and the company holds a portion of the future settlement proceeds.

Although common, the use of Roundup settlement funding is unrestricted in any way.  Any expenditure which immediately benefits a plaintiff is worthwhile.

Roundup Settlement Funding Basics

Lawsuit settlement funding transactions advance funds now to plaintiffs.  The funding company advances money and in return, the plaintiff sells a portion of the future proceeds of the case, if any.  The contract calculates the repayment based upon how long it takes for the lawsuit to be resolved and whether there is a positive resolution at all.

Lawsuit loans are not technically loans.  One defining characteristic of a typical loan is that the principal and interest must be repaid under all circumstances.  Otherwise, the loan defaults.

Lawsuit settlement loans are contingent on a successful recovery.  It is because of this contingency that lawsuit loans are not really loans.  These specialty finance transactions are actually an assignment of future property rights.  If there is no recovery, the property is worthless and the client has no obligation to repay the advance.

Roundup Lawsuit Loan Eligibility

To be considered for Roundup lawsuit settlement funding, a client must:

  • Be a named plaintiff in the Roundup multi-district litigation (MDL) or have a individual filed claim against the same defendants.
  • Be diagnoses with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Exposure must be substantial
  • Be represented by an attorney

For more information on lawsuit funding in general, check out our Legal Funding Guide for Plaintiffs.

Help with Roundup Lawsuit Loans

The best lawsuit funding companies offer Roundup lawsuit funding  to eligible parties.  If you have any questions regarding Roundup lawsuit loans, or another type of legal financing, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-964-2224.  We are here to help you get what you need, when you need it.  Use lawsuit loans to pay for living expenses, case costs, medical care or any other need.  When financial strain forces you to consider accepting less than you deserve, don’t wait – call Fair Rate and let us help you.

Roundup Attorneys

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