After a slip and fall accident, a Texas woman sued a national grocery store chain for injuries sustained while shopping at their Friendswood, Texas location.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans

The plaintiff, Jacqueline Collins, states she was shopping at the Kroger Supermarket located at 151 North Friendswood Dr on June 10th when she slipped on a clear liquid and fell to the ground. Collins was seriously injured in the fall, sustaining damages to her neck and back and required hospitalization.

Upon recovering from her injuries, Collins procured the assistance of attorney Gene S. Hagood of the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood. Hagood filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the Kroger Company and its insurers. The lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the retailer for allowing hazardous conditions to exist in their stores, failing to correct such conditions, and failing to warn customers about the existence of a hazardous condition. As the property owners, Kroger is responsible for ensuring the safety of its stores and customers.

Collins seeks damages for physical and mental pain and suffering, physical impairment, and loss of her ability to earn a full income. Additionally, Collins seeks compensation for medical expenses incurred as a result of her injuries.

The lawsuit was filed on September 16th in Galveston County District Court. Collins is seeking between $200K and $1 million in damages.

Before Collins recovers, however, she will have to endure the long, drawn out litigation process. Civil lawsuits can be long and trying undertakings, often forcing considerable financial hardship upon plaintiffs. As these financial hardships compound, coupled by growing medical costs and living expenses, many plaintiffs begin to see early, out-of-court settlements as an attractive alternative to waiting out for full compensation. Unfortunately, many of these plaintiffs end up settling for far less than their case is worth.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans Helps Litigants with Cash Now Prior to Settlement

In such cases, acquiring slip and fall lawsuit loans help plaintiffs to hold out for a better reward or judgment. Lawsuit loans, also known as settlement funding or lawsuit funding, provide a cash advance to plaintiffs in anticipation of a successful outcome in a civil proceeding. Lawsuit loans are not traditional loans because if the lawsuit does not recover, there is no repayment. As such, these lawsuit cash advances for slip and fall and other lawsuits are deemed “non-recourse. This means factors such as employment history and financial standing that may keep a plaintiff from securing personal loans are not taken into consideration. Rather, the validity of the lawsuit and the likelihood of its success are the determining factors in awarding settlement funding.

Once the determination has been made to provide a slip and fall lawsuit loan, funds can be made available in as little as 24 hours. There are no upfront fees required to secure a lawsuit loan or settlement funding. And unlike traditional loans with monthly payments, the borrower is not required to make any payments until and unless the case is settled or the plaintiff collects on a judgment.

If the plaintiff receives compensation, the lawsuit loan payment is made through the settlement. Should the plaintiff loses the case, no repayment is required.

If you or someone you knowing is awaiting an award in a slip and fall case and are feeling the pressure to settle, acquiring slip and fall lawsuit loans can go a long way toward helping to realize a fair recovery.