Throughout the summer period there is usually a marked increase in accidents involving motorcycles. Many of these accidents result in fatalities or serious injuries.

Last month, several Californian men lost their lives in accidents that took place across the state. An off-duty police officer was involved in one such accident in San Bernardino County. The policeman, was killed on June 11th while riding in the Angeles National Forest.

Authorities say he was driving on a mountain road not far from Azusa, when he crashed into a mountain side after losing control of his bike. He was taken by air to Los Angeles Medical Center but his head injuries were so serious that he lost his life.

A second man was killed on the outskirts of Atwater, in Merced County. He had just been approached by authorities in relation to his driving behaviour on the bike and reportedly drove off. At that point he lost control of his motorcycle and ran into the curb. The inpact of this threw him and his motorcycle into traffic at an intersection. This resulted in a collision with a bus that proved fatal.

A man from Daly City was also killed around the same date when he lost control of his motorcycle near Southgate Avenue on Highway. It was reported the motorcycle caught fire and the man suffered a head injury and died while undergoing surgery at San Francisco’s General Hospital.

These injuries are a stark reminder how dangerous motorcycles can be when a rider loses control. These cases were accidents only involving the motorcyclist himself.  But there are many more which occur when a driver of a bigger vehicle fails to see the motorcyclist and runs him over.

Any motorcyclist is vulnerable in an accident as there is little protection compared to an enclosed vehicle. Helmets may be compulsory, but a head on impact from a bigger vehicle is so great that a motorcyclist stands little chance and can sustain injuries which are often fatal.

If a motorcyclist is hit and injured by a larger vehicle and it was not the motorcyclist’s fault, he or she can file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident to recover damages.  Although money may never truly compensate an injured motorcyclist, the idea is to ease in his suffering.  By offering monetary compensation, the courts attempt to rectify the loss and make the plaintiff whole again.

Those injured in motorcycle accidents through the negligence of another/others, often encounter severe financial stress because of their injury.  Many times, plaintiffs are unable to work because of their serious disability. 

Unfortunately, many plaintiffs are forced to accept less than fair settlement offers simply because they cannot afford to hang on financially during the long, drawn out, litigation process. 

The better news is that lawsuit loans are one possible solution because they offer immediate funds now in exchange for a portion of the future proceeds of the case.  In other words, the plaintiff gets the cash he/she needs to pay immediate expenses.  When the case settles (and only if the case settles), the money is repaid by their attorney.

The client does not need to go through a credit check and the lawsuit loan can be spent on anything.   Best of all, repayment is solely contingent on a successful settlement.