Here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients…

“I was unable to work, in pain, and scared of losing everything I worked for my entire life. I had called other funding companies and got the brush off. When I called Fair Rate the staff was professional, efficient and respectful of my situation. Within 24 hours, I was funded and had my peace of mind restored. Thank you Fair Rate Funding. ”

Lauren B.,  Pennsylvania

“I would like to share my personal experience with all you other ladies who have a mesh case. I know how private and personal your story is and just like mine, unique. The specialized female staff at Fair Rate Funding makes the process streamlined. From application to actual funding, your case manager is there for you. Ladies, if you need money for your mesh case call Fair Rate Funding.”

Katheryn S. New Jersey

“Unable to work and days before my car was to be repossessed, I called Fair Rate Funding. Recovering from back surgery is no picnic and worry makes pain so much worse. A two minute over the phone application was all it took. My funding was wired into my bank account and I could once again concentrate on my recovery. A big thank you to Fair Rate Funding. ”

John A, New Jersey

“My husband was a victim of Nursing Home Neglect and died as a result. I didn’t know which way to turn. He always took care of all our financial needs. I needed to get caught up on bills and unexpected funeral expenses, etc. My attorney suggested I call Fair Rate Funding. I was glad I did. They were there for me at my darkest hour. ”

Kelly Mac, Indiana

“The driver who hit me was uninsured. My insurance company was dragging their feet. I was banged up, my car was totaled, and I needed cash. Saw the Fair Rate Funding website and called the 800 number. The next day I was funded. Yes, it was that easy.”

Tyler B. Massachusetts


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