A Louisville man who was involved in a multi-vehicle crash in September has announced his plans to file suit against Weathers and Son Trucking Company.


On Friday, September 26, 2014, Bill Hayes was driving along Rt. I-65 South with his son when they came to patch of construction. Slowing down for the construction, Hayes and his son were violently rear-ended when a dump-truck that was following behind them had a tire blow out and lost control of the vehicle.


Hayes claims to have sustained significant injuries in the collision, including to his neck and wrists. Hayes also claims the force of the impact caused his son’s eyes to cross, a condition which he says required his son to undergo corrective eye surgery.


According to his attorney, Sam Aguiar, Hayes is planning to sue the owner of the truck, Weathers and Son Trucking Company, for failing to maintain their trucks and for allowing an unqualified driver behind the wheel. Hayes will be seeking compensatory damages for injury to himself and his son as well as for damages to his vehicle.


Public records indicate Weathers and Son Trucking Company may have been aware the tires on their vehicle were not up to safety standards. In seven federal inspections performed on their vehicles, Weathers and Son received four tire related violations, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

It also appears, as more details surrounding the case emerge, Weathers and Son knew their driver was no fit to be driving the truck in question. Kentucky State Police questioned the driver previously after he was involved in a similar incident on June 16.


While the case seems to be leaning in the favor of the plaintiff, Hayes will still have to face a costly and time-consuming legal battle in order to realize fair compensation. And while the case is going through the courts, Hayes’ legal and medical bills may begin to grow to unmanageable levels. In such a situation, Hayes may wind up settling for a lesser out of court settlement simply to keep from going under financially.


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