The staff at Fair Rate Funding has decades of accumulated experience in settlement funding. We are professionals and try to accommodate our clients in every possible way. We understand that you are looking for pre settlement loans only because you have to. Clients often tell us they are about to lose their home, car or about other dire financial circumstances. We can help you.

Our sales staff is the most professional in the business. We understand your situation and have the experience to handle any issues that may arise. Any good business entertains special requests. Professional Settlement Funding is no different. And speedy approval and funding is our highest priority.

Our underwriting staff is mainly comprised of legal professionals who have been practicing law in various capacities for decades. In order to be thorough, each case is assigned specifically to one of our underwriters. Once all the required information is compiled, the file is sent to the underwriting committee for final approval. Through this process, we can guarantee a prompt decision, routinely within 24 hours of the application.

Again, our goal is to approve the case as soon as possible. This is our primary concern because this is our client’s main concern.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ page or drop us an email at

Or you can contact us now at 888-964-2224.