As attorneys, you appreciate thoroughness because the outcome of a case may hinge on a particular fact. You also know that being thorough takes time. After all, time is essentially the attorney’s inventory to sell. Understanding that each minute has value is one of the first lessons young attorneys learn if they want to be truly successful. A loss of time equates to a loss of revenue.

One of the main benefits from working directly with a lawsuit funder is the streamlined process the working relationship provides. Your clients are not going to stop needing money, especially in these uneasy times. As attorneys, you need to be sure you are representing your client’s interests but also making sure you are paying attention to the spending of your resources.

lawsuit funding companies

lawsuit funding companies

You undoubtedly have business relationships with various vendors in your practice. Investigators, process servers, experts, medical providers are all part of a personal injury practice. The more you work with these businesses, the more comfortable the situation, and the more fluid the process becomes.

Think about it from this perspective – if you provide a service, any service, and were actually paid by the customer in past dealings, wouldn’t you be inclined to trust that customer in the future? In an effort to procure repeat business, wouldn’t you be willing to streamline the process so as to make it easier to do business? I’m sure you would agree that this makes sense.

The same can be true with your relationship to a lawsuit funding outfit which understands your needs as an attorney (saving time, keeping clients happy, etc.). Funding companies want to minimize the drain on a firm’s resources because we know what it is to be a personal injury attorney. We are quite aware that the transaction is outside the scope of your representation and you are not paid for the time you must spend in facilitating a funding deal.

We want to speed up the process for attorneys who send cases directly to our firm. By working directly with a funder or funders, you can get the benefit of a more streamlined approach. We want to make the process easier for you and your staff so you can get back to your work.

Send us your business and we will show you just how easy lawsuit funding can be.