Fair Rate Funding offers customized financing for law firms based upon expected attorney fees in settled or pending cases or with cases currently on appeal.  Our programs are designed for plaintiff trial attorneys specifically.

Simply put, law firm loans level the cash flow cycles of personal injury practices.  This type of financing can also be used to expand your practice when desired and can be extremely helpful when your deep pocketed adversaries dig in their heels on your heavier files.


Law Firm Funding vs. Traditional Bank Financing

Banks generally do not offer lines of credit based solely on the value of your pending cases.  Instead, they require excellent credit, statements of assets, and home equity of the partners to secure an approval.  These factors also play into the loan amount which may or may not be enough to cover your needs.  Further, some banks require periodic payments which may not be feasible.  Most Global Communication Seriesbankers are unable to evaluate pending personal injury cases or the value of future contingency fees.  They are without the expertise necessary to advance on personal injury files.


Fair Rate Funding Offers Cash Flow Solutions that Banks Cannot

Contingency fees mean a fluctuation in revenue for a personal injury law firm.  When cash is tight, firms need liquidity.  Law firm loans meet this need through the analysis of existing personal injury files.    Traditional banks are unable to grasp the revenue potential of contingency fees.  They simply do not have the expertise.

Our expertise in evaluating claims enables us to advance significantly higher amount of liquidity than banks are willing to offer.  Further, our funding is backed by private investing groups and other “non-bank” type of credit facilities.  We are not dependent of banks for our capital needs.

We have large pools of capital allocated specifically for personal injury firms.  Call us today at 888-964-2224 to talk about how we can help you.  You may also contact us at info@localhost.  What are you waiting for?  Let us help you!