Settlement Funding for Premises Liability Cases

One common type of lawsuit involving personal injury and settlement funding is when a plaintiff gets injured on another’s property. These are termed “premises liability” lawsuits. Like slip and fall/trip and fall cases, premises liability cases are based in negligence law. Under this standard, a property owner owes a duty of care to any invitees onto the property.

A property owner who breaches this duty in failing to ensure the safety of visitors can be sued under the negligence laws in most jurisdictions if a visitor is physically or otherwise harmed because of the breach.

When a plaintiff files a lawsuit for injuries resulting from an accident on another’s premises, he demands cash from the defendant to compensate for lost wages, physical injuries or other compensable damages. In most negligence lawsuits, money is offered as compensation.

Some examples of premises liability cases include:

  • Slip and Fall Cases
  • Swimming Pool Accident Cases
  • Party Accident Lawsuits
  • Supermarket Cases
  • Trip and Fall Cases
  • Shopping Mall Lawsuits
  • Restaurant Lawsuits
  • Gas Station Assaults
  • Assaults at Hotels

The success of these cases usually comes down to liability. Because of this, a great deal of information is required to successfully prosecute the lawsuit. The discovery process wherein the parties exchange pertinent information usually takes a long time. Also, in actions where extensive injuries are involved, a large volume of medical treatment further drags out the process.

Meanwhile, plaintiffs are unable to work and support themselves. Emotional and financial stress is the result. Additional money can help alleviate these concerns. Lawsuit settlement funding can help!

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