Lawsuit Funding for Surgeries – Surgical Settlement Funding

Fair Rate Funding provides surgical funding in connection with personal injury cases.  Whether you are injured in an automobile accident, slip and fall case, product liability action or other matter in which you need surgical intervention, we can help you.

Personal injuries take a physical and psychological toll on a person and his/her family.  Compounding the problem is the inability to secure the proper treatment for their conditions.  Without the proper medical care, plaintiffs can never hope to fully recover.

Many personal injury plaintiffs who sustain severe and permanent injuries simply do not have the means to pay for surgical procedures.  Often, available insurance coverage will not pay for surgical procedures and a surgeon is not willing to perform the operation on a letter of protection.

This not only minimizes the plaintiff’s ability to heal, but also has the effect of lowering the settlement value of the lawsuit.  It is common knowledge that an insurance company “values” personal injury cases for purposes of settlement according to the type of medical treatment received.  If there is minimal treatment, the settlement offer will likely be less than a case involving surgical intervention.

Fair Rate Funding specializes in providing surgical settlement funding to plaintiffs who have a need for surgery but need help to pay for the procedure(s).

The Process

This is the way surgical settlement funding works:

  • You provide the relevant case documents including an incident report, insurance coverage, medical records and an estimate for the procedure sought
  • We contact the provider to negotiate the best possible terms for the procedure
  • You enter into a contract in which we pay for the procedure directly to the medical providers
  • You receive the operation
  • You repay the funding when the case reaches its successful resolution

The Benefits

The simple benefits of our Surgical Funding program are as follows:

  • Surgical lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to have much needed surgical procedures when they otherwise would not have the means to do so.
  • The settlement value of the lawsuit increases as a need for surgery illustrates the severity of claimed personal injuries.
  • Attorneys can negotiate better settlement terms or convince a jury of the effects of the condition on the plaintiff’s life.
  • Personal injuries that require surgery are better candidates for lawsuit funding, a transaction where plaintiffs receive a portion of their recovery prior to settlement.

The Solution

Fair Rate Funding provides money for surgery in connection with personal injury lawsuits.  When approved, Fair Rate Funding will pay your medical providers directly.  When your case settles, and ONLY IF your case settles or is successfully resolved, your attorney repays the surgical funding advance.  We can also provide travel expenses to and from the procedure and/or immediate cash now to pay for living expenses while you recover.

Fair Rate Funding provides lawsuit funding loans to pay for the following surgeries and expenses:

  • Major surgeries like neck, back, fusions, shoulder, knee, brain/neurological, ankle, internal and other procedures, etc.
  • Minor surgical procedures such as pain shots, broken bones, sprains/casts, MRI’s, X-Ray’s, etc.
  • Living expenses while you recover
  • Travel expenses to and from where your surgery or procedure is performed
  • Any other expenses to assist with your treatment and lawsuit

Call us now at 888-964-2224 to find out more about lawsuit funding for surgeries or money to pay for medical procedures or simply fill out the application on this page.   Our agents are available and at your service.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining money for surgery from Fair Rate Funding, a leader in the surgical funding industry.