Settlement Funding for Brain Injury Cases

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Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a common injury involving the brain. TBI injuries can result from accidents at work, automobile accidents, bus accidents, semi-truck accidents, or other high impact occurrences. Although errors in medical procedures such as anesthesia can result in TBI, most brain injuries occur from high impact trauma.

Unfortunately, these injuries are sometimes overlooked since symptoms may lay dormant for some time. In some instances, weeks may go by before a victim notices a change in memory, attitude or other physical manifestations such as speech impairment, loss of vision, blurry vision, or vertigo.

Although a unique type of injury, brain injuries are legitimate damages from which a plaintiff can recover in a lawsuit. These injuries are quite complex however, and a large amount of time may elapse before the injury’s severity is uncovered. As a result, litigation can take years. Meanwhile, plaintiffs can endure severe emotional and financial stress. In some cases, money can help ease the burden. This is where Fair Rate Funding can help!

If you have a lawsuit based on a brain injury (TBI) and have a lawyer representing you on a contingency fee basis, which means the attorney is only paid if you win the lawsuit, you may eligible for a lawsuit settlement funding from Fair Rate Funding If you need cash now while waiting for your case to finish, Fair Rate Funding can provide a lawsuit cash advance funding to help you while your case is litigated.

We know you have a choice of lawsuit settlement funding companies and are happy to assist you. To obtain a lawsuit loan in the quickest and easiest manner, please fill out the quick application on this page. We will contact you immediately and begin the process. You can then relax and allow Fair Rate Funding to work for you. We routinely provide settlement funding for brain injury cases within 24 hours of receiving the paperwork from your attorney.

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