Lawsuit Funding in Texas 

Lawsuilt Funding in TexasEach day, you risk the chance of being injured by the fault and/or negligence of another person. For example, you can be injured in a vehicle accident, slip and fall, or even medical malpractice incident. Depending on the type of injury you have sustained, you might need money for medical expenses, lost wages, and/or property replacements. You should not have to pay for all this out of your own pocket, but rather you should sue the person at fault for monetary compensation. 

The issue is that you might not receive the money as soon as you would have expected. In fact, it can take months to reach a settlement. In Texas, some personal injury lawsuits have even taken up to two years to settle. Additionally, cases are sometimes dragged out through appeals, which results in an even longer time without payment. Each lawsuit is unique, so each takes time and diligence to litigate the different facts. 

Not everyone can wait very long without payment, especially if the injuries prevent you from going to work or cause bills to pile up without the ability to pay. We can provide you with an advance payment to help you when you’re in need. We offer our services in Texas as well as any other state in the United States.  

Get Legal Funding in Texas

At Fair Rate Funding in Texas, we understand that you need money during your litigation to fund your daily expenses and potential medical bills due to the injury. We also know that you need your compensation fast and hassle-free. When you use our lawsuit funding loans, you won’t have to wait for your case to eventually settle to finally earn the cash you need. 

Call us at 888-964-2224 so we can determine whether you qualify, how soon we can provide you with your financial needs, and provide you with the details of our loan services. 

Lawsuit loans make it possible for you to receive immediate cash in exchange for a portion of your future earnings from the suit you’re pursuing. All you need to do is fill out our simple application online to see if you’re eligible for loan services from Fair Rate Funding. If you are working with a personal injury attorney on a contingency basis, we’ll be able to give you the money you need fast. 

All we need to know is your name, email, state, type of lawsuit, and attorney’s name. After you give us this information, we can figure out what we can do for you. Being injured is stressful enough, but the aftermath does not have to be with our Texas lawsuit loan funding services. 

When you need money while pursuing an injury lawsuit, we can provide you with funds within hours of receiving information from your attorney. You don’t need to wait for your whole case to be litigated before receiving the money that you need. See if you qualify for pre-settlement funds at Fair Rate Funding by filling out a quick and easy application on our website. 

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If you have any questions, Fair Rate Funding will be happy to provide you with the answers. Give us a call today at 888-964-2224. We’re here to help.