New Jersey Settlement Funding

Attorney Referral Lawsuit FundingWhen you are an injured person seeking compensation from an insurance company, you face an uneven battle. On one side, you have a large insurance company with plenty of money and no incentive to reach a fair settlement quickly. On the other side, you are facing medical bills and daily living expenses that won’t wait until you receive a settlement.

You may be out of work or earning less money than you did before your accident or injury, while your regular bills continue to accumulate. You may be tempted to accept a less-than-fair settlement just so you can get some relief from the financial strain. If you are facing such a dilemma, a lawsuit loan may be the answer.


Lawsuit Loans In New Jersey 

Fair Rate Funding helps New Jersey accident victims with affordable loans to see them through until their lawsuits are completed and they receive payment. We can help with loans in as little as 12 hours, helping pay your bills while you wait for your lawsuit to settle.


How Does Settlement Funding In New Jersey Work? 

There are several types of funding available to plaintiffs in personal injury and other types of cases.  

  1. Lawsuit Loans – You may be eligible for a loan if you have filed a claim against an insurance company, or filed a lawsuit in a state or federal court. We will evaluate your claim, and lend money against the final settlement or verdict.
  1. Settled Case Loans – After your case has been settled, there may be a delay before you actually receive a check from the insurance company. When you have expenses that will not wait until you can get your settlement check, we can arrange a settlement loan. You do not have to pay the loan until you receive your settlement check.
  1. Verdict Funding – Even after you have won a verdict, it may take weeks to actually receive any money from the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. They may file an appeal, which could delay your case for several months or years. A verdict loan can help with your living expenses while an appeal is pending.

Whether you receive a loan while your case is pending, after settlement, or during an appeal, you are not required to make any monthly payments, or pay the loan back at all, if you do not eventually win your case and receive a check. For example, if you win your case at trial, but the defendant appeals, and you do not win the appeal, you do not have to pay your loan. If you receive a loan based on a lawsuit you have filed, but you end up losing at trial, you do not owe us anything. We are able to offer these generous terms because we evaluate your case very carefully, and approve loans only when we believe there is a good chance for recovery.

How Is The Loan Repaid? 

Usually, we work with your attorney, who will provide us with copies of the documents we need to evaluate your case. When your case is complete, your attorney will pay your loan from the final settlement proceeds. While your final settlement will be lowered, you may have avoided late fees, penalties, and interest on your bills and other loans, and may have avoided judgments, garnishments, and even foreclosure.  


Lawsuit loans are not for everyone, but if you need money while your case is pending, you can call for a free, no-obligation evaluation at 1-888-964-2224. Your information is always strictly confidential.