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Mesh Case Funding

“I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to the team at Fair Rate Funding. The company’s ability to coordinate with my attorney and help me get an advance on my mesh lawsuit in my time of need was unsurpassed. Their professionalism, reliability, and streamlined process are among their greatest attributes.”

-Kristie Thompson, MN

“The experience of working with Fair Rate Funding was nothing short of excellent and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for a lawsuit loan if I ever needed help again. Thanks to Mesh Case Funding I was able to save my home from foreclosure, payoff my car and I still have money left to cover my daily expenses.

-Ana Ruiz, TX

“I knew that Fair Rate Funding was the right choice from the first time I called them. I needed money for my revision surgery and had no idea how I was going to come up with it. They really cared about my situation. And their focus to meet my needs was evident. They were able to secure a pre settlement loan for me to pay for my surgery. Now I finally feel like myself again.”

-Helena Peterson, PA

Mesh Case Funding went above and beyond to help me obtain a lawsuit advance. Their level of compassion made me feel truly confident. They took an active role in communicating not only with me, but with my attorney as well. I no longer have to stress or worry about how I am going to keep up with my bills and can now focus 100% on my health and well being. Fair Rate Funding is a company that actually cares about their clients.”

-Rose Stein, FL