Fair Rate Funding Gets You the Money You Need to Win Your Case

Do you need capital to grow your law firm?

How much money would you make if you had an additional $250,000 to $1,000,000+ in working capital right now?

Law Firm Loans

Law Firm Loans

The Problem

Can you envision potential growth opportunities in your area(s) of expertise?

Can you expand into other disciplines without having to take on an additional partner(s)?

Do you have the money to enter into this new space aggressively thereby capturing the necessary market share to make the jump profitable?

One typical hurdle for ambitious attorneys/firms is access to immediate financial liquidity to grow the business properly.  Properly means having the financial wherewithal to aggressively bring your services to market.

Let’s face it, the legal practice is a competitive one.  In this arena it often takes money to make money. Adequate cash flow is the life blood of any marketing efforts.  And there are inherent limitations in securing money from bank loans, credit cards and/or personal savings.  Further, personal guarantees and monthly payments could over extend your existing cash flow and threaten your existing business.

What type of financing allows you to expand your practice but without the limitations outlined above?  Call us and find out!

The Solution – Get Capital From Fair Rate FundingLaw Firm Loans

What could you do if you could lever your existing cash flow streams to grow your business?

Let Fair Rate Funding help you find out!  We provide legal financing based upon your existing portfolio of cases.  In other words, we anticipate projected fees based upon the cases you already have.  We provide access to the very growth capital you need, not according to your creditworthiness, but according to value of your files.  The use of funds is unrestricted so you can grow your practice as you see fit.  Fair Rate Funding is the answer to your expansion capital needs.

Other Benefits Include:

Does funding through Fair Rate Funding make sense for your firm?  Reach out to us today and we can discuss your funding options.  Some additional features include:

  • The ability to fund without personal guarantees
  • No additional partners or transfer of equity in your firm
  • Easy application process
  • Unrestricted use of funds

Call us now to find out how we can HELP you grow your practice.  Call 888-964-2224 or contact us at info@localhost.

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