A popular Bourbon Street night club is named as a defendant in a slip and fall lawsuit filed by a patron of the bar.



Tammy Kirk filed a civil lawsuit against The Beach on Bourbon, a hot-spot of the New Orleans’ Bourbon Street nightlife scene, after slipping on an unidentified substance at the night club located at 227 Bourbon Street. The filing names The Beach on Bourbon, its owners JTMC Enterprises LLC and 227 Bourbon Street LLC, as well as their respective liability insurance providers as defendants in the slip and fall lawsuit.

According to claims made in Kirk’s lawsuit, she visited the night on club on the evening of October 19th, 2013. While walking around the bar, Kirk stepped and slipped on a spilled liquid and fell to the floor, sustaining serious injury to her person. The liquid in question is not identified in the Kirk’s suit, but her claim alleges negligence against the establishment by allowing dangerous conditions to exist on the premises and for exposing patrons to said conditions.

Kirk sought the legal counsel of attorneys Anthony D. Irpino and Bobby G. Hawkins to help fight her case. The suit, filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on September 9th, accuses The Beach on Bourbon and its owners of allowing the existence of hazardous conditions, failing to protect guests against hazardous conditions, failing to warn guests of existent dangers, inappropriate or inadequate supervision of the property, and incorrectly and inadequately securing the property.

Kirk is pursuing damages for physical and mental pain and suffering, medical expenses stemming from her injury, loss of enjoyment of life, inability to earn a full income, and for numerous disabilities.

The case has been assigned to Div. A Judge Tiffany G. Chase. No trial date has yet been set for the proceeding, though plaintiffs can spend from several months to several years waiting for their case to be heard. During this waiting period, many plaintiffs experience significant financial hardship as medical and daily living expenses begin to grow.

Plaintiffs often feel pressured to seek early settlements as a way to ease the burden of an extended proceeding. As a result, these plaintiffs do not realize the full compensation they are entitled to by law.

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