An 87 year old California man recently filed a product liability lawsuit against Janseen Research and Development and Bayer Healthcare after suffering serious side-effects from the use of their drug, Xarelto.



The unnamed plaintiff filed the lawsuit on October 9, 2014, in the United States District Court, Northern District of California. The plaintiff seeks compensation for severe and lasting personal injury, physical and mental pain and suffering, medical bills, and legal fees. In total, the lawsuit claims $10 million in damages.

The plaintiff was ordered by his doctor to take Xarelto, a powerful anticoagulant, in 2012. After beginning treatment with the drug, the plaintiff suffered a gastrointestinal bleed. His lawsuit claims the injuries were directly caused by his use of Xarelto.

Xarelto is one of the highest selling anti-coagulants on the multi-billion dollar market. Links between Xarelto and related medical issues are well documented. This lawsuit is far from the first to be levied against the drug manufacturers. Many plaintiffs in these cases experienced a long fight while only a slim percentage have seen any monetary relief.

Product liability lawsuit can be extremely lengthy and difficult, often taking several years to reach a conclusion and costing plaintiffs significant sums in legal fees over the course of their duration. The parent companies of the products in question are heavily invested in the defense of their assets, and will expend every possible effort to prolong the eventual payout or absolve themselves from responsibility.

But while companies like Bayer and Janseen have their own legal departments and resources to empower their legal battles, plaintiffs are far from powerless. Several legal resources exist to help plaintiffs ‘stay the course’ and realize better settlements, one of which is product liability settlement funding.

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