At Fair Rate Funding, we provide plaintiffs and their attorneys the means to endure a sometimes long, drawn out litigation process.  We’ve been in business for 12 years and have seen thousands of cases during that time.  That experience, and because we are legal professionals ourselves, gives us a unique insight into the personal injury game.  In this article, we discuss the 5 best personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.

Although some of the information we used to evaluate the top personal injury law firms in New Jersey comes from our dealing with these firms on behalf of our clients, other factors also come into play.  These include our own experience in the legal field, opinions of others involved in various aspects of personal injury law, recent large verdicts and settlements, and a host of other factors.

Our decision-making process is proprietary.  However, you can check out our ratings every year, right here at

So, here are the top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.


Top NJ Personal Injury Law Firm # 5

Gill and Chamas

Woodbridge, New Jersey

Ray Gill and Peter Chamas have built a central NJ powerhouse personal injury law firm in Woodbridge, NJ.  Focusing on personal injury law exclusively, Gill and Chamas attracts many heavy cases in the densely populated area of Middlesex County.

Top 5 Personal Injury Law Firms in New Jersey

Gill, a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney, founded the firm in 1986.  He has tried hundreds of personal injury cases and achieves “maximum results” for his clients.  Mr. Gill is named to the New Jersey Super Lawyers list, which acknowledges the top five percent of attorneys in each state, since 2005. Since 2005, Mr. Gill has been named to the “Top 100 Attorneys” in New Jersey list and has also received the honor of being named one of the “Top Ten Attorneys” in New Jersey from Super Lawyer magazine. Mr. Gill has also been included in the Best Lawyers in America in the specialties of personal injury litigation and product liability litigation.

Also, a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Peter Chamas is a member of the American Association for Justice and sits on the Board of Governors for the New Jersey Chapter of the American Association for Justice. He is also a member of the New Jersey State and Middlesex County Bar Associations. Mr. Chamas is also a Super Lawyer for approaching 25 years.

James Pagliuca, the managing partner has been practicing for over 25 years and has made an excellent reputation for himself as a litigator.  Jim has been nominated to NJ Super Lawyers for over 10 years running. Simply looking at some of the verdicts listed on his firm web page illustrates the fight in this attorney.

The firm’s results speak for themselves.  That’s why Gill and Chamas is the rated #5 in our list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.


New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm #4

Garces and Grabler

Trenton, New Jersey

Having several offices within the State is certainly telling of this firm’s dedication to its clientele.  Founded in 1991 as a personal injury firm, Garces, Grabler  and LeBrocq has evolved into a full plaintiffs advocate firm with more than 80 employees in NY, NJ and PA.

William J. Garces, Esq. is a founder of the firm.  Born in Cuba, Garces graduated from Rutgers University School of Law, Newark in 1984.

Another founder, and senior managing attorney,  is William N. Grabler, Esq.  Mr. Grabler is a workers’ compensation specialist and is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Workers’ Compensation Trial Attorney.

Simply looking at the Google listing from Garces and Grabler illustrates the positive reviews this firm has received.  Notice all of the negative reviews were replied to by the firm and issues resolved.  This is the type of client service you can expect from Garces and Grabler.

These and other factors such as their reputation throughout the State bar place Garces, Grabler & LeBrocq at #4 on our list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.


Top New Jersey PI Law Firm #3

Law Offices of James. J. Curry, Jr., LLM

Toms River, New Jersey

The Curry Law Firm is a Toms River law firm specializing in personal injury and other matters.  James J. Curry, Jr., Esq. has been practicing for over 50 years and is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney as designated by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

The firm specializes in all areas of personal injury including medical malpractice, auto accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, Dram Shop Act cases, construction accidents and other negligence actions.  Mr. Curry sits on the Board of Medical Malpractice withing the New Jersey State Bar Association.  Achieving superior results for clients is nothing new to the Law Offices of James J. Curry, Jr., LLM.  Settlements and verdicts are in the tens of millions of dollars for this law firm.

Based upon experience, results, and overall customer experience, we rank the Curry Law Firm, #3 on our list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.

Top New Jersey Personal Injury Firm #2

Nagel Rice, LLP

Roseland, New Jersey

Nagel Rice LLP are New York and NJ trial attorneys which specialize in personal injury litigation.  Although the firm also practices in other disciplines, they are primarily northern New Jersey personal injury lawyers.

This is a high powered personal injury firm which command multi-million dollar recoveries for their clients.  One look at their firm website’s “verdicts & settlements” page illustrates the successes this firm earns for their clients.

Another area of practice is Nagel Rice’s sexual abuse department.  In recent years, the firm settled with the Boy Scouts of America over the sexual abuse of three children under their care.  These results place Nagel Rice, LLP as the premier New York and New Jersey child sex abuse attorneys.  This distinction and past results place this Roseland, New Jersey personal injury law firm at #2 in our list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.


#1 Personal Injury Law Firm in New Jersey

Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, a Professional Corporation

Chatham, New Jersey

Founded in Newark, New Jersey in 1929, the Blume law firm has grown to one of the largest and most successful personal injury law firms in the state of New Jersey.  19 lawyers and support staff work for this firm that boasts it has earned more million-dollar injury recoveries than any other firm in New Jersey.

With 4 offices located throughout the State, Blume Forte has a wide presence.  They are trial attorneys and much of their business comes from other attorneys seeking to utilize their experience and reputation in an effort to secure a maximum settlement for their clients. In fact, according to their website, eight Blume Forte lawyers are included in Best Lawyers in America, and 15 have been listed in Super Lawyers.

Blume Forte was in the news in 2019 with a settlement involving a car accident in which a man was struck and killed by a SUV driven by a police officer.  The case reportedly settled for $1.8 million.  These types of settlements are what a firm like Blume Forte can bring to potential clients.  For these reasons and others, Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari ranks #1 in our list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.


Personal Injury Attorney Choice, Lawsuit Loans and Other Considerations

Top 5 Personal Injury Law Firms in New Jersey

Top 5 Personal Injury Law Firms in New Jersey

Choosing a law firm to handle your case requires some diligence.  Ultimately, plaintiffs want results.  No matter where you reside, plaintiffs will do well to interview multiple lawyers to see who will be a good fit.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s list of top 5 personal injury law firms in New Jersey for 2019.  Remember that Fair Rate Funding is a plaintiff’s advocate firm that financially assists plaintiffs while their cases are still pending.  Because most states prohibit attorneys from advancing money to their clients, litigants in these regions can turn to “lawsuit loans” to help them endure a sometimes long process.

Consider Fair Rate Funding if you need lawsuit funding prior to settlement.  Our rates are the best in the business.  Thanks for listening.